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What is Zoom Events?
Who is Zoom Events?
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Who is Zoom Events?
Zoom Events is owned and operated by Judy Hart.
Judy started working in the entertainment and event industries in the late 1980's, in various office management roles for event technical production companies.

In 1992, Judy joined Australian Business Theatre (ABT) and in 1996 took over the position of Event Services Manager which she held until 1998. During these years, the types of events that Judy worked on were predominately very large and themed corporate gala dinners, including at the Davos World Economic Forum -- Melbourne.

Judy joined Peter Jones Special Events in 1998 as an Event Manager, quickly attaining the level of Senior Event Producer. In three years Judy produced over 40 major events for PJSE including the 1999, 2000 and 2001 Official Grand Prix Balls, the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Telstra Hospitality Events, and the Moving Ceremony of the National Gallery of Victoria.

Realising that producing extra special events was now entrenched as her life passion, Judy decided to start her own event management company and Zoom Events was created in early 2002.

Judy is the Managing Director of Zoom Events, and also a Senior Event Producer.

The team that works with Judy at Zoom Events are specifically selected for each and every event. Each event requires a different skill set and personality. Zoom Events works with professional partners and personnel who display enthusiasm, passion and dedication within the event industry, and this ensures each event is an extra special experience.

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